Monday, May 19, 2014

Camera issues and a scouting trip

So despite all of our progress so far,  we have hit a real show stopper that we have to tackle before making  a test dive.   For whatever reason,  the camera software on the ROV is no longer working with the cockpit software.   This comes after a pretty crazy night of my home internet going out and us doing a software upgrade on the bot.  We ended up having to tether off my LTE phone connection, then use ICS on a windows machine, to then putty into the bot and give the bot net access through the Windows ICS.  Pretty awesome that we got it to work out, however, not so awesome that instead of fixing the known bug in the last software build, we have a completely non-working camera in this build now.  Not having the camera is kind of a big deal since there is no way to pilot this thing if we can't see where we are going.  So in between digging through logs we decided to take a scouting trip to Jacob's Well this past weekend to plan our dive setup a little more.   For those who have never been,  there's a small walkway around the outer edge of the well that we can probably set up on, but we're going to have to get there pretty early.  There was a pretty sizeable crowd even before noon on Saturday.   None of the pics I took turned out that well, so here's a stock photo so you can at least get an idea:

It beckons!

Our goal for now is to fix the camera software and then do a water test in the tub.  Hopefully by the next time I post we'll have a working robot to show off.  

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