Monday, May 23, 2016

360 360

We returned to the 360 bridge for a second dive.  The ROV got stuck, the tether got stuck, one propeller came off and another got tangled up.

The flashlight looks tough but didn't quite work out.  We need to add some buoyancy to the light to make it neutral.  It was too heavy for the ROV in this state. 

The ROV performed as expected, turning left and flying like a brick.  One motor wouldn't spin in reverse, per the usual.  We did not opt to open the main tube to re-calibrate the ESCs and limped it along (like last time).  

The shelter of the bridge provided birds ample opportunity to poop on us and our gear.  On the plus side that new strap kept the main tube completely dry, so yay!

Key takeaways:
  • compass is much more smooth (but incorrect)
  • IMU hacks still work but the file name changed to CMPU9150.cpp
  • vertical propeller came off again (already fixed)
  • payloads need to be neutrally buoyant 
  • stop diving where people go fishing!

Future plans:

  • double o-ring seals on battery tubes (ours leak)
  • keeping main tube sealed to minimize moisture