Wednesday, August 27, 2014

OpenExplorer AND A TEST DIVE

The founders of the OpenROV project contacted me a little while back about posting on their site,, to document our adventures with the ROV.  I was hesitant to post anything there until we had a working ROV, so for a long time I haven't moved on the idea.   For anyone that has been reading this blog for a while, you know this isn't out of lack of desire.  We have put so much work into this project, and have had our fair share of setbacks, so it hasn't always been easy to keep the fire burning on this. As someone new to the maker world, I wasn't sure what to expect but I definitely wasn't expecting this much work.   But our hard work has finally paid off.   I can now say that after tonight, I am so happy to announce that we are finally up and running!   We completed a full underwater test and everything on the ROV is working!   Lights, lasers, motors, all works.  The motor programming stuck.  The lasers toggled on and off accurately ( funny story, we are idiots and thought the lowecase l for lasers was a forward slash, so they were working the whole time we thought they were broken) and even the depth hold command is working accurately.  We are finally ready to rock!!!!!

Next step is to practice deploying and flying in a pool. Video of the ROV flying in action to come.  I just couldn't wait to share!  Really really exciting things to come now that we are up and running, thank you so much to our friends and family that have encouraged us along the way and to the new friends that have come along and followed our adventures!  So in conclusion, we are now live at on the site and will finally move from the building to adventuring phase.

Thanks for reading so far, and here's to great things to come!

Ready to dunk

Video feed is up

Here goes nothing...

There she blows!





Live feed from the camera after dunking.  Still working!

More testing.  Still working like a champ.


Using washers provided by Danny as ballast.  They work brilliantly, and are relatively easy to adjust.  Awesome!

One last shot of her in the water.  We're done!