Monday, August 4, 2014

Excuse me while I drip this out

James' previous post was referring to this article regarding re-potting our brushless motors. So, did it work??

We're not sure yet, but it certainly got better.

If we were experienced scientists already we would have written down the readings we took prior to re-potting the motors. But we didn't. My vague recollection of that evening was "it should have said zero but didn't" and I was too excited about finding the problem to remember to save any data. We think we saw readings from 0.09 to 0.20 Mohm on all three leads of all three motors and on one of the battery leads.

First we had to peel and pry off all of the blue tape epoxy molds.

James de-casing the freshly potted motors

Then the epoxy required trimming as expected. We will have to touch this up later.

The epoxy missed some spots

Did we get better electrical results? Maybe! It seems like we did, anyway. Our numbers from this round were 5-15 Mohms. We think we can improve on this number with some epoxy touch-ups. 

We also tested the previously repaired battery tube wire which no longer shows leakage to water. Yay!

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