Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Team Member - Richard I

Richard modifying a 30 gallon fish tank
Hi everyone! My name is Richard I. I have my Computer Information System degree from Texas State University, and am currently a Sysadmin for fortune 500 company. I got the pleasure of meeting the other team members both in college, and in my career as an IT professional.

I have experience with all types of projects, most notably what I am working on in the photo. Both James R and I were the primary members who built a custom computer submerged in Dielectric Mineral Oil. It was over a years worth of planning, and 6+ months of building before we got a working prototype.
Finished Dielectric Mineral Oil POC

This system scored better then 96% of all system who have ever ran the 3DMark graphics test. We also ran temperature readings in both air/oil and was able to prove that there was a significant drop is CPU/Motherboard temperatures during high loads.

The Dielectric Mineral Oil Proof of Concept (or PC of Justice as we like to call it) was one of the coolest projects I have had a chance to work on before! The ROV build, especially because of the knowledge we hope to gain from our experiments, looks to be working towards topping it though!

I am very excited to be a part of this project! If we can get enough data to even help save one persons life it will all be worth it!

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