Saturday, April 16, 2016

When you fail so much it feels normal

We flew the ROV at the boat ramp at the iconic Loop 360 Bridge.  This picture was before the rain.

During setup we discovered problems with the laptop.  There would be no screencast recording for this dive.  We're off to a rough start already.

Richard is installing our freshly charged and brand new batteries.  They worked great!  Runtime is a little over an hour per set of six batteries. (11,000mAh 3s LiPO)

We saw a fish! 

Lots of fish, actually.

The gopro once again didn't capture much, this time it was due to the low light conditions and murky water in Lake Austin.  We need either a much better low-light camera or a much larger light source with the gopro. 

This also happened.

Other highlights:

  • vertical propeller slipping on the shaft stranded us at the bottom
  • fishing line tied up the starboard propeller
  • main tube flooded after desiccant swap (dirty o-rings?)
  • reached maximum depth of 4.7 meters 


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