Sunday, November 2, 2014

Looks like we made it

Love's so strange

We fixed everything! Or, almost. Not quite everything on our checklist is complete but all of the "show stopping" bugs have been ironed out.

Full throttle reverse

downloading OpenROV software
Our main focus was the motors stopping mid-reverse at full power after only 2 seconds.

This was resolved by upgrading the OpenROV BeagleBone software to 2.5.1-rc3. The bug linked below describes the issue we've been fighting for way too long now. 

Re-programming and re-calibrating

checking ESC programming
After flashing new software to the device, we noticed that two of the ESCs were acting erratic. With our new programming card, we were able to very quickly identify and correct the lost programming settings on the ESCs. Programming these Hobbywing ESCs by hand used to be a huge pain, waiting for the beeps of the menu repeating over and over again.

Now we can fix each ESC visually.

Re-calibration was also necessary because some motors didn't spin at the same speeds. We don't fully understand this one yet and are hopeful that it isn't necessary with each re-programming as it is a bit tedious.

So, if next time we power up the ROV and it doesn't work right, we'll try re-calibrating after a re-program of the ESCs. 

Dive, dive, dive!

A test dive is in order. And then, maybe a real one. WOOHOOO!

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