Monday, March 17, 2014

Exploring Jacob's Well - Origin of the Project

In July of 2011, when I received my monthly issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, I encountered an article within it that has stuck with me ever since - an in depth view of Jacob's Well in Wimberley, and the surprising story of the lives it has claimed over the years of those attempting to explore its secrets.  For the past few years my curiosity about Jacob's Well has remained in the background, simmering quietly, but without anything to pique it again.  That all changed when, in the course of browsing Kickstarter one day, I came across the Open ROV Project - a cost effective, build your own underwater ROV that could be used to explore Jacob's Well safely.  I joined the project as a backer, and once it succeed, I mentioned the idea to friends a few times and got some good feedback about the idea.  Finally in the Spring of 2014 I decided to assemble a group of amateur scientists, makers, and friends together to put the project together - building an underwater ROV to document and explore Jacob's Well.  The fun begins...

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  1. Trying to hook up with you guys. I just finished an OpenROV, and live in Wimberley. I can be found on Google Plus or Facebook: Marcus Gitterle.